Understanding Migraines

 Dealing With Migraines? 

You’re trying to sleep or doing some normal household chores and you experience pain in your wrists, or even numbness or tingling in your wrists and fingers. Either that, or you have shooting pains up your arms from your wrists and they are very painful. 


Chances are, you have carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s a debilitating condition that is caused by impingement of the median nerve that supplies movement and feeling to your arms and fingers. This impingement causes symptoms that can either manifest themselves at night, or can happen when you wake up and you’re performing every day tasks. 


The problem is carpal tunnel syndrome can make every day tasks you once took for granted such as typing, writing, or tapping on your cellphone a chore. Carpal tunnel syndrome could also be disrupting your sleep and causing problems that are germane to sleep deprivation. 


The median nerve goes through a very narrow passageway called the carpal tunnel in your wrists. The problem is 9 tendons also pass through that tunnel as well. And when inflammation of these tendons take place, it can cause the nerve to be pinched or damaged and symptoms to ensure. 


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common condition that affects millions of people in the country. It’s especially common in people who perform jobs that require a lot of repetitive movements, including waiters, waitresses, typists, and factory workers.


Many people experience different symptoms when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome. They have generalized pain but not the tingling and shocking feeling some people have when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Others experience numbness and even weakness in the arms and hands because of impingement of the median nerve. That’s because it’s a nerve that goes from your hand and runs up your arm. It can also cause lost grip strength between the thumb and first three fingers. 


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a big problem in the workplace. According to the Department of Labor, carpal tunnel syndrome consists of almost half the lost-time cases in American workplaces. 


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