Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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The Difference Between 

Arthritis And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Many people deal with pain and stiffness in the wrists that can be similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. The problem is many of these symptoms could also be signs of arthritis as well. 


This post will outline the difference between the two so you can make a good judgment regarding whether or not you need help with either condition. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are two very painful conditions, and they’re very easy to confuse one for another when it comes to pain. However, both these conditions are vastly different, although one can be a very strong cause for another. 


Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets pinched, squeezed or damaged, and it results in symptoms that include pain, weakness, stiffness, and numbness. 


That’s because the median nerve is one of the big nerves that generate feeling for your hand and arms. The nerve goes through a very narrow passage called the carpal tunnel that also contains tendons as well. When there’s pain and inflammation, this tunnel can impinge or damage the nerve, causing carpal tunnel symptoms. 


On the other hand, arthritis is a condition where joints get stiff and painful and is something that happens as we get older. The symptoms include pain, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, redness and warmth. These symptoms tend to get much worse as we get older, and can be debilitating at times unless treatment is provided.


These are two separate conditions, but very often, arthritis can cause Carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s because arthritis in the wrists can lead to swelling in the wrist and swelling in the area where the median nerve passes through the carpal tunnel, thus resulting in symptoms. 

It is possible to get bone spurs in the carpal tunnel from arthritis that can cause carpal tunnel pain and other symptoms. This is one of the more rare symptoms of arthritis that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. But, when it happens, it can be very painful. 


Further, carpal tunnel pain is usually worse at night, which is a problem that many pregnant women undergo when they’re trying to sleep. Carpal tunnel pain also occurs when people undergo everyday activities that require their hands, such as writing, typing, and housework. 


The other difference is Arthritis pain is around the clock and is usually stiffer after not moving for a while or after waking up. Many arthritis sufferers complain about symptoms getting worse after waking up because they haven’t had a lot of time to move their joints. 


It is critical to treat both conditions before symptoms get worse. That’s the case with any pain, stiffness, numbness and other symptoms when it comes to your hands and wrists. You don’t want to wait until symptoms go away and keep working and going about your daily routine which could damage your hands. 


In conclusion, it is possible to have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in your hands. That’s because carpal tunnel syndrome can be a symptom of arthritis due to the swelling and potential bone spurs that can lead to damage to the median nerve. 


However, carpal tunnel syndrome never leads to arthritis. It is important, however, to get treatment for both conditions before they get worse. That’s because it’s easy to go about your day and see if you can work through the pain, hoping it’ll eventually go away. However, you could be doing damage to your hands and wrists if you ignore or fight through the symptoms. 


The good news is Carpal AID® is a great remedy if you have arthritis that is starting to present symptoms that are similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s because the patches release pressure off the median nerve and resolve symptoms in less than an hour. 

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