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What Happy Customers Say About CarpalAID®

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So far I am seeing a difference and have only used it once…last night while I slept …this is the best thing since sliced bread!

Beth Thacker

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome 3 years ago and have had pain pretty much every day since.  I was not able to have surgery due to several other medical conditions

… I was introduced to CarpalAID® and it changed my life.  I was out of pain in literally 15 MINUTES! 

This really changed my life as I had to pull over every 45 minutes and rest my hands from driving. 

With my first application, I was able to complete a 3-hour drive with NO PAIN! 

That night was the first night in 2 years that I did not utilize pain medication and when I got up the next day I was pain free for the entire day.  Thank you CarpalAID®!

Wayne Olson

I have been using the CarpalAID® for about a week and I have noticed a big improvement in my hands. I can work longer on the keyboard and I am playing guitar again. Thank you for helping me with my carpal tunnel pain. 🙂

Kathy C.

About six months ago, I started getting horrible pain in my hands and didn’t know what to do.  I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. 

I could go for surgery but that was not an option due to the long recovery and no one to take my place at our restaurant.  There were some other options but only temporary. 

I discovered this new product CarpalAID®.  It was so simple and made so much sense I HAD to try it.  I was amazed… In 30 minutes the pain was GONE in three of my fingers. (I tried it only on one hand to see the difference). 

The next day I put the CarpalAID® patch on both hands and before I started work I had NO PAIN in both hands. 

CarpalAID® is a dream come true.

Tina Lee

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