CarpalAID® is a revolutionary, clinically tested hand pain relief device for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a non-invasive medical device that is worn on the palm. It relieves carpal tunnel hand and wrist pain resulting from repetitive hand motions such as assembly line work or typing, or from conditions related to diabetes or pregnancy.

CarpalAID® is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and is an alternative to hand braces or wrist braces. It is completely medication-free. It is also an alternative to carpal tunnel surgery. CarpalAID® can be worn on either hand to relieve symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome wherever and whenever needed.

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Non-Invasive Alternative For CTS

Our non-invasive technology does not require surgery. Using CarpalAID® means more money in your pocket and less scary needles.

Natural Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A surgery and drug-free way to relieve the tingling, numbness, and pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome