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CarpalAID® is a revolutionary, clinically tested hand pain relief device for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a non-invasive medical device that is worn on the palm. It relieves carpal tunnel hand and wrist pain resulting from repetitive hand motions such as assembly line work or typing, or from conditions related to diabetes or pregnancy.

CarpalAID® is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and is an alternative to hand braces or wrist braces. It is completely medication-free. It is also an alternative to carpal tunnel surgery. CarpalAID® can be worn on either hand to relieve symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome wherever and whenever needed.

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Non-Invasive Alternative For CTS

Our non-invasive technology does not require surgery. Using CarpalAID® means more money in your pocket and less scary needles.

CarpalAid in Pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Pregnancy

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) during pregnancy is a commonly overlooked problem by health care practitioners. This pain can occur at night and severely disrupt your sleep pattern. CarpalAid is 100% safe to use on pregnant women.

Natural Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A surgery and drug-free way to relieve the tingling, numbness, and pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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32 reviews for Choose Your CarpalAID

  1. Sohrab Matian

    Highly recommend!! This is better than any brace I’ve used. I broke my wrist a few years ago and was having the numbness, tingling and pain since. This is better than any brace I’ve used and I use it all the time. I use it when I’m sleeping and stopped waking up in the middle of the night. It’s also really sleek so you can use it at work and no one will know. And the pain starts to go away nearly immediately. My doctor and I were discussing carpal tunnel release surgery, but as long as I use these, my symptoms are completely GONE. Thank you so much!!!

  2. Charlene

    Very satisfied with this product. I had tried different products before this that did not help my aches and pain. This helped me sleep well after many nights of interrupted sleep. Highly recommend it!

  3. lauren cevallos

    LOVE my carpal aid. Being 5 months pregnant, the treatment options are limited on what I can use for my carpal tunnel. I am beyond grateful my coworker, who is also pregnant, recommended this for me to try. I am already ordering more boxes because I will not go a day without using this product! Love that it’s medication free and it ACTUALLY WORKS!I’m definitely going to be recommending this to all my colleagues at work, my pregnant friends, and anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel.

  4. LaMar D. Harrell

    Bought this product for my mom and she is very pleased with its results. They’re very comfortable and help eases her pain.

  5. Flora A. Yates

    I really love this product. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and was wearing these before surgery and my doctor was amazed at how well they worked. He’s going to tell his patients about them.

  6. Jessica J

    I saw this product on Tiktok And I am honestly shocked on how well this patch actually works. It’s extremely affordable and anything is worth paying for to fix this carpal tunnel pain and avoiding surgery . I give this product a 10/10. One thing I did realize is it does fall off sooner if you don’t wash your hands well and rub the area with rubbing alcohol on where you need to place the carpal aid. But overall it’s a great product and super clean. Way better than wearing my hand brace .

  7. name

    honestly i was extremely shocked by how well this worked for me. such a simple solution i’m surprised no one ever thought of this before, but I’ll be definitely ordering again as needed. the amount of pain it relieves is so incredible i feel so much more comfortable on a daily basis without the light throbs of pain i used to have

  8. Catherine Warder

    I like the size of the product. I use Carpal aid at night and for the most part it is comfortable.

  9. Cindy Youngman

    It helped tremendously I was very surprised. Although I also started sleeping on my back instead of my stomach and side and propping my arm up on a pillow to try to keep it straight. Those two things combined of let me get some good sleep

  10. M.Sprenkle

    Recommend for all the pregnant mamas out there! If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome like I did these are amazing. I found these towards the end of my second trimester and I found comfort using these in comparison to wearing braces.

  11. Amazon Customer

    I don’t do reviews. Ever. My carpel tunnel is at the severe level and I need surgery but am avoiding it. Put these on before bed and hands stopped being numb instantly. After hours I still didn’t have the normal pain at night!! Shocked. Took them off in morning and was able to do activities without my hands going numb for first time. It works!!! Place them correctly. It’s cheap to try. Don’t let bad reviews scare you.

  12. Amazon Customer

    I have been suffering with carpal tunnel for months and I bought numerous products to try to help me deal with the pain. This one helped me so much and I couldn’t be happier. I also referred it to another person in my office and they fell in love too. I hope I don’t need to buy it again but if my Carpal Tunnel gets bad again I will!

  13. Nathaniel Derry

    Absolutely impressed! I truly had doubts about this I really did not think I would be sitting and giving this product a 5 star review. It worked after 1 hour having it on. I noticed you do have to be consistent with it every night, It beats having surgery I’ll say that . So impressed and extremely happy that I’m not wearing my hand brace anymore.

  14. Andrea

    Seemed to work for hubby

  15. Ian Vazquez

    Love love love!! So easy to wear snd definitely noticed a difference. At first I was just curious since I had came arose then first on tiktok but they really did help and I’m grateful for that!!

  16. Brit and willy

    I’m not going to lie I was very skeptical at first. I have tried many things to relieve my pain and to no Advil 😞 I was at my wits end… then I was doing Research online and came across a YouTube video that was for carpal-aid.I figured why not I’ve already wasted hundreds of dollars. What’s 20 more? So I order them and I was blowm away!! I love them 😍 carpal-aid is truly the best product out there!! The only down side to them is they rip off easy so what I Recommend is using waterproof tape to cover them.

  17. Peyman Z

    Amazing product!!! Works like magic. I got carpal tunnel during my pregnancy and this really helped!! Worth the try

  18. LLawr

    Helps so much with pain in hand and wrist! No clunky wrist brace needed at night if you use this!! Sticks well too but comes off easy!

  19. vivian

    Is product was great ! Helped me so much! Gd bless carpal aid 🙏Highly recommended!

  20. shahrokh

    Been having carpal tunnel issues with wrist and thumb for a couple months now. After using this for a couple of days most of my wrist and thumb pain is gone. I would recommend this product to anyone who does a lot of typing throughout the day.

  21. bariks1

    Worked almost Instantly. Hope it’s effective in the long run.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and this has been such a help for the past few weeks! Being a contractor I’m constantly using my hands and the adhesive stays on all day! It’s comfortable and does the job as well as having a easy to read and follow set of directions that when followed will give you the pain relief needed! Will buy again soon!

  23. Rose H

    This is an amazing product! Would definitely buy again and would recommend to others.

  24. Lex💋

    I didn’t think these would work nearly as well as they did. EXTREMELY pleased.

  25. Clint

    This is a great product for mild carpal tunnel symptoms and can relieve pressure as described. The key to this product is placing in on the hand properly and if you do that you will find great relief.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I wake up every night in serious pain from carpel tunnel, mostly in my right arm, I tried these last night and woke up with zero pain I’m pretty shocked and will defiantly buy more

  27. Krista Booker

    Carpal aid is the only thing relieves my pain!

  28. Cynthia

    Helped my hand avoid the movements that were creating the CT in the first place. Highly recommend!

  29. Wamie

    Seems to work.

  30. Erika B.

    This product was so effective. I’ve been having serious pains and nothing would work, and this helped so quickly and lightweight. It’s like a bandaid!

  31. Laurel

    Bought this item to help with the soreness in my hands after a long day in the office ( I am a dentist). I found relief in a few days and noticed a difference! Would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from stiffness/ soreness in their hands !!!

  32. Ashley

    I am BLOWN AWAY at how well these work! It’s astonishing how much relief it provides! I’ve been given wrist braces, physical therapy, special gloves, etc. and NOTHING helped like this. I can get a full nights sleep without the tingling from my hand/arm falling asleep, waking me up. I wish my doctor would supply these instead of the other things that didn’t work haha, but seriously! I need a lifetime supply.

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