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How to Use CarpalAID®

CarpalAID® helps right where it hurts.

Our revolutionary patch helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain. The low-cost patch relieves pressure on the median nerve, which is the cause of your hand pain.

CarpalAID® was developed by engineer and inventor Joseph Nazari. Mr. Nazari suffered from carpal tunnel on both hands. After surgery on one hand, he decided to find an alternative to his hand pain.

CarpalAID® was the result of his work and now Nazari is happy to share CarpalAID® with those who are suffering from carpal tunnel hand pain relief.

Read more here about how Nazari invented CarpalAID®. 


How to Use CarpalAID®

It Only Takes 3 Simple Steps

Watch Video Instructions or See Image Below


Wiping your palm with rubbing alcohol will help the CarpalAID® patch adhere to the skin more securely.

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