Pregnancy & Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain

What Causes it and How Can You Get Pregnancy Hand Pain Relief?

What's the Best Solution?

Carpal tunnel pregnancy hand pain can interrupt what should be a wonderful time in your life. Pain, tingling, and numbness in your hands and wrists make it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks and cause sleepless nights.

How can you achieve pregnancy hand pain relief without harming you or your baby? Read on to find out more:

The facts

What Causes Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy?

More than 60% of pregnant women experience some form of carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain during their pregnancy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs during pregnancy because of fluid build-up in the wrist, causing pressure on the median nerve.

The most typical symptoms are numbness and tingling in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and the top of the ring finger.

Symptoms are often worse at night and can be worsened by vigorous activity and extreme wrist positions.

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What are your options for dealing with your hand pain?


massage for carpal tunnel

Massage offers temporary relief. However, when night comes, the hand pain might return.


CarpalAID The Hand Pain Solution

CarpalAID® is a non-invasive patch that is worn on the palm. The patch relieves hand pain by gently lifting pressure off the median nerve. It works without medication of any kind and is safe for you and your baby.

Cold Therapy

Hot Cold therapy for hand pain

Applying cold or ice packs, or submerging your hand in cold water will help relieve the pain, temporarily.

Get Hand Pain Relief Now. If CarpalAID® does not work for you we will return your money no questions asked.

Why CarpalAID®?

It's Safe for You and Baby

You have enough on your mind during your pregnancy, you shouldn’t have to add the stress of managing carpal tunnel syndrome, whether it’s tingling, numbness, or shooting pains.

Rather than using a brace that restricts movement or undergoing a complicated surgery, use a product that’s simple to use and cost-effective.

CarpalAID® is completely safe for you and your baby, and it’s the best option for dealing with the hand pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

We believe in CarpalAID and are confident it will help relieve your hand pain. That's why we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try CarpalAID Risk-Free for 30 Days!

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