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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Stats:

  • CTS surgery occurs between 400,000 and 500,000 cases annually in the US with an economic cost of over $2 billion.
  • CTS is responsible for 47% of repetitive motion injuries at the workplace.
  • Early in the disorder, the process is reversible. Over time, however, the insulation around the nerves may wear away and permanent nerve damage may develop.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is responsible for more days away from work than any other non-fatal injury
  • CTS occurrence in pregnant women has been reported to be as high as 62%.

CarpalAID is a non-invasive FDA Class I medical device hand patch that is designed to mechanically take the pressure off of the median nerve. Once the pressure is taken off of the median nerve, the median nerve pain associated with Carpal Tunnel will start to dissipate.

CarpalAID is a hand patch made of a FDA approved plastic with memory and a 3M Medical Grade Glue in the middle of the patch. When placed on the palm of the hand, the patch wants to straighten itself but the glue creates a resistance, hence pulling the skin and the underlying tissue above the median nerve up slightly to remove the pressure off of the median nerve.

How to Apply CarpalAID:

Have the patient, wash and completely dry their hand. It is a good idea to wipe the palm of their hand with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue from the soap or if they have a sweaty palm.

Place CarpalAID disposable patch and start feeling great again. In our experience, most users start to experience the effects of CarpalAID within the first half hour of use of the product.

It is best to use CarpalAID at night when the patient is not using their hands and let the hand rest for the next day’s work. It is a good idea for patients to use CarpalAID continuously for the first week. You will need less and less of CarpalAID unless you keep re-injuring your hand by repeating the same repetitive motion that caused CTS in the first place.

Practitioner Packs come in 2 different sizes (Large and Small):

Practitioner Packaging

CarpalAID is coded for Reimbursement. There is an NDC number at the back of the product.

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