If you deal with numbness, tingling, or pain in your wrists and hands, you are not alone. These are key symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is estimated to affect nearly 5 percent of the adult population. This means that more than eight million people are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome each year. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is the second most common type of musculoskeletal surgery, with well over 230,000 procedures performed annually. Statistics show that women are twice as likely to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as opposed to their male counterparts. If you struggle with pain at home, here are a few natural remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome to avoid getting surgery:

Remember to Take Breaks

It’s easy to be fully immersed in your work, to the point where you realize you’ve now been typing or writing for 8 hours straight. Now that most of us are working remote from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we spend several hours on the computer. It’s important to remind yourself to take breaks, because if you don’t you have a higher chance of dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. When you use your wrists and hands for prolonged periods, you put stress on the median nerve. This pressure can send pain signals up into your forearm, preventing you from working further. To avoid debilitating symptoms, take periodic breaks between your assignments.

It’s also a good idea to relax your grip, or lessen the force on your wrists. If you find yourself straining or forcing your hand while typing, writing, texting, or gaming, loosen your grip and reduce the force applied.

Perform Stretches

Another great remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome is to perform stretches that target the area. Wrist, finger, and hand exercises are easy to do no matter where you are. If you begin to feel that numb, tingly sensation, simply shake out your hands like you’ve just finished washing them and want them to air dry. This motion prevents the media nerve from cramping up and tightening. You can also place your arm straight out, and push your wrist down toward the floor. This will stretch the wrists and fingers, alleviating pressure and pain at the source. You can also make a fist, and fan your fingers out as far as you can!

Keep Warm

A great way to prevent stiffness and pain in your wrists is to keep warm. You can wear fingerless gloves, or use hand warmers to promote stimulation. It’s a good idea to use heat therapy when needed. Unlike ice therapy, heat therapy relaxes the blood vessels and increases blood flow. This can be beneficial because it helps deliver oxygen to healing muscles, letting the body recover from injury quicker. It is also an effective way to manage wrist pain in the short-term.

Apply Ice

If you tend to deal with swelling or inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome, there are instances where you can apply cold compresses or ice packs. You can soak your wrist in an ice bath for 10-15 minutes. Cold therapy helps decrease pain signals, and reduces the blood flow in the general area to limit swelling. By constricting the blood vessels, cold therapy slows nerve activity, and numbs hand pain. We suggest applying ice therapy as soon as possible once you begin experiencing wrist pain.

For most people, alternating both hot and cold therapy works wonders for carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. These two kinds of therapies will help you manage symptoms, aid pain relief, and prevent further injury.

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