CarpalAID® Frequently Asked Questions

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition brought on by increased pressure on the median nerve as it travels through the wrist, located in a narrow passageway known as the carpal tunnel. It is often caused by repetitive motion of the hand, such as typing or using a computer mouse for long periods of time. The syndrome impacts the anatomy of the hand, specifically the palm, wrist, and even the arm. People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome are more likely to drop objects or experience difficulty opening a jar, holding a phone, or gripping the steering wheel.

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome appear slowly, often worsening over time. These symptoms, which include pain, are commonly experienced after periods of activity and worsen at night, causing sleeplessness. The tissue fluid in the arms redistributes without muscle activity. This increase in fluid causes an increase in carpal tunnel pressure.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel are usually found in the dominant hand, wrist or thumb. These include tingling, numbness, itching, shocking pain, or a burning sensation in the affected fingers and palm, sometimes traveling up the arm.

The tingling caused by carpal tunnel syndrome has been compared to the sensation of an electric shock. In more advanced cases, carpal tunnel syndrome may affect the index finger, middle finger or ring finger.

CarpalAID® is only effective for patients who have carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is CarpalAID®?

CarpalAID® is a revolutionary patented product, US Patent # 9,314,312 B2. CarpalAID® is a FDA registered,Class 1 Medical Device: Establishment Registration # 3009766183. Invented and made in the USA.

CarpalAID® is Flexible Spending Account (FSA) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA) approved and covered by insurance (when prescribed by a doctor). CarpalAID® is intended to promote carpal tunnel pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

CarpalAID® is an easy to use patch with an adhesive strip that gently lifts up the soft tissue to relieve pressure off the median nerve to promote pain relief. CarpalAID® is designed to promote carpal tunnel pain relief and can be an effective alternative to invasive surgery.

Is CarpalAID® medicated?

NO, CarpalAID® is non-medicated and non-toxic. There are no side effects. It relieves carpal tunnel pain in an all natural way.

How does CarpalAID® work?

Using a medical-grade single use adhesive strip, CarpalAID® adheres directly to the deepest area of the palm (placement shown in diagram). The patented patch and placement of the adhesive strip was engineered to lift the soft tissue in the palm, gently releasing pressure on the median nerve. When properly positioned, symptoms normally decrease within one hour or sooner, depending on the individual and severity.

How do I apply CarpalAID®?

First, before applying CarpalAID®, clean your hands with rubbing alcohol or by washing with soap and water, and completely dry your hands., This will enhance the effectiveness of the adhesive used on the CarpalAID® patch.

It’s important to make sure there’s no water, lotion, oils, or moisture on your hand, as this will limit the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Second, peel the tab on the back of the patch and firmly secure the adhesive strip. Refer to the diagram and video for proper placement instructions.

How many times can I apply each CarpalAID® patch?

CarpalAID® is a disposable patch, just like a Band-Aid®. The strips are not reusable, because the medical-grade adhesive is effective for one use only. Once applied, please do not relocate or remove and reapply, as the adhesive will lose its effectiveness. If the strip loosens or comes off, simply remove and apply a new strip using the same instructions.

After a single use, the strip should be removed and discarded. It’s recommended to use as many patches as needed if pain persists throughout the day. Highly effective to apply before bedtime for relief of nighttime pain. It’s recommended not to wash your hands or add lotions while the patch is applied, as this may interfere with the adhesive effectiveness.

Why am I not feeling relief?

CarpalAID® is specifically designed to relieve pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re not feeling relief, it’s possible that you don’t suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. CarpalAID® is not effective for other conditions with similar symptoms, such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, wrist tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow, or any other hand syndromes or injuries. If you are not finding relief with the CarpalAID® patch, we recommend consulting a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Results can vary among different individuals.

Why is CarpalAID® different from other supposed treatments?

CarpalAID® is uniquely patented and clinically proven to gently lift up the soft tissue in the palm to relieve pressure from the median nerve. CarpalAID® delivers lasting pain relief of carpal tunnel syndrome. Patients report experiencing sustained pain relief after wearing the CarpalAID® patch overnight. Other marketed carpal tunnel products, such as compression gloves, hand braces and wrist splints, only immobilize your hand. They do not offer lasting pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

How many hours or days will I have to wear CarpalAID®?

CarpalAID® can be worn anytime you feel pain. The most important thing is to position the strip properly and keep the area dry. Some experience relief after wearing CarpalAID® for just an hour or two. For others, relief may take longer. Results vary from person to person, based on the severity of their individual conditions.

Position the strip on the deepest area of your palm, following the correct shape. If you don’t immediately notice relief, be sure to read the information on the proper use of the product included in the instructions for use. It is recommended for best results to wear CarpalAID® overnight as that is when pain is the most persistent.

Can I resume work while I’m wearing CarpalAID®?

Yes! When CarpalAID® is properly positioned on the palm, you should be able to resume work-related hand motion. Make sure to clean and dry your hands with rubbing alcohol since your hands will be in motion throughout the day. Even minor sweating can interfere with the adhesive if your muscles are also moving.

If you’re still having difficulty, we recommend using CarpalAID® before bed to see if you are able to get relief throughout the day. Remember to keep the area dry in order for the strip to stay in place.

Can I bathe or swim while I’m wearing CarpalAID®?

No! Exposure to water or other liquids should be limited as much as possible while wearing CarpalAID®. If the strip gets wet and the adhesive is affected, simply remove it. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before applying a new strip.

Is CarpalAID® safe? Have there been any clinical trials?

Yes, it’s been clinically tested and proven to provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. CarpalAID® is 100% safe. No steroids, no drugs, no side effects, no medication, latex free. Safe for pregnant women and women who are nursing. Not recommended to apply CarpalAID® on any open wounds. *Clinical trials available upon request from the company.

Why was CarpalAID® created?

Before inventing CarpalAID®, founder Joseph Nazari suffered from severe carpal tunnel syndrome. His condition was debilitating. Unable to sleep from the pain, physicians recommended invasive surgery on both hands. He had surgery on his right hand, but the procedure was very painful. He decided to forgo surgery on his left hand.

Joseph, a serial entrepreneur, began to explore alternatives to pain relief for carpal tunnel syndrome. While extensively researching the anatomy of the hand, Joseph discovered he could find relief if he devised a way to take pressure off the median nerve. He engineered a patch to gently and effectively lift up the soft tissue of the skin, which succeeded in taking pressure off the median nerve. At that moment, CarpalAID® was born. He consulted with top hand professionals and, to scientifically prove his theory, included the best surgeons worldwide. Doctors conducted several MRIs before and after using CarpalAID®, and they were astounded. CarpalAID® went on to be clinically tested and proven as a drug-free and brace-free alternative relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. Joseph’s proven method has been patented worldwide and is now known as negative pressure.