CarpalAID® for the Workplace

Carpal tunnel injury is a common problem in the workplace. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average workdays missed by employees suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome pain is 28 days. The aim of CarpalAID® is to protect employees from carpal tunnel injury and hand pain.

Protecting Employees from carpal tunnel injury, one day at a time.

Carpal Tunnel Injury Statistics:

✅Between 400,000 and 500,000 cases of carpal tunnel injury result in surgery in the U.S. at an economic cost of more than $2 billion each year.

✅Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when the ligaments and tissue in the carpal tunnel swell and exert pressure on the median nerve.

✅18% of workers who develop carpal tunnel syndrome report leaving their jobs within 18 months.

CTS is responsible for more absences from work than any other non-fatal injury.

✅10%  to 30% of patients report complications with wrist strength after having carpal tunnel surgery.

✅10% to 15% of employees with carpal tunnel injury who undergo surgery change jobs after the operation.

CarpalAID® can help employees with their carpal tunnel injury pain and allow them to continue working.
CarpalAID® is a non-invasive FDA Class I Medical device for treating carpal tunnel injury. The patch, which is placed on the palm of the hand, is designed to take the pressure off the median nerve, causing the accompanying hand pain to dissipate.
It is made of FDA-approved plastic with a strip of 3M medical-grade glue on its center. It works by creating negative pressure on the median nerve.


CarpalAID® for carpal tunnel

How to Apply CarpalAID®:

1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly. It is a good idea to wipe the palms with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue from soap or sweat.

2. Place the CarpalAID® disposable patch on the lower palm of the hand (see diagram). Most users report they start to experience the effects of CarpalAID® within the first half-hour of usage. 

3. It is best to use CarpalAID® at night when the hands are not being used.

It is also recommended to use CarpalAID® continuously for the first week. With time, you won’t need to use the hand patch as frequently. The exception is if you continue to sustain carpal tunnel injury through the same repetitive motion that caused CTS in the first place. Following best ergonomic practices when at work, and doing hand and wrist exercises and stretches can help prevent re-injury. HR companies, environmental health and safety officers, and ergonomists can contact their insurance providers to find out how carpal tunnel injury can be covered in the workplace.


How do I Apply CarpalAID®?

How to Apply CarpalAID the Hand Pain solution

Corporate Packs come in 2 different sizes (Large and Small):

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