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Our revolutionary product Relieves Hand Pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without the use of drugs or surgery by creating negative pressure on the median nerve.

CarpalAID® comes in 2 convenient sizes to fit both small and large hands.

1 Week | 1 Patch a night | Risk-free for 1 month

CarpalAID works within the first hour

Works Within the First Hour

On applying CarpalAID®, you should experience relief of pain within the first hour.

CarpalAID is drug free

Drug-and Medication-Free  

CarpalAID® is drug-and medication-free which means zero side effects, and it's completely safe.

We are confident CarpalAID will work for you. This is why we are offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

CarpalAID offers a 30-day guarantee


About CarpalAID®

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More than 60% of pregnant women experience some form of carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain during their pregnancy.


More than 5 million U.S. adults are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome from work-related conditions. Repetitive motions, using a keyboard, mouse, and other office-related handheld devices, can cause irritation and compression of the median nerve.

Hand pain relief for construction workers

Assembly-line workers, those who work in industries, packers, manufacturing workers, those in the sewing, finishing, and cleaning industries are more prone to develop carpal tunnel hand pain 

Hand pain relief for Gamers - CarpalAID

Professional gamers who perform high APMs (actions per minute), may be especially susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand pain from carpal tunnel can impact game performance 

CarpalAID® is a non-invasive patch that is worn on the palm. The patch relieves hand pain by gently lifting pressure off the median nerve. Join now to start experiencing the activities of daily living without suffering related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Simply use 1 patch at night as necessary.

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" I have tried many options for my Carpel tunnel pain, but I would definitely reorder this, It has helped more than anything, no more injections, thank you "

Anthony W.

" Honestly I've had carpal tunnel for years and refuse to get surgery.I purchase and wore this item 2 nights in a row and my hand is about 90 percent better. It worked for me"

Isabel Webb

" Great product! I had hand pain for months and a hand brace didn't help much. The day after trying CarpalAID, my hand pain was much better and it was basically gone by the end of the week!" 

Jane P