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Weightlifters Top Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Poll

We recently conducted a survey amongst our Google Plus communities to find out who experiences hand pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Among the groups we polled, weightlifters who suffer from carpal tunnel far outnumbered those in other categories. Carpal Tunnel...

Carpal Tunnel Construction Workers

Carpal Tunnel Affecting Construction Workers Construction Workers. They work hard every day. Building, fixing and helping others. If you’re a construction worker that loves your job and what you do, having carpal tunnel can turn a normal day of work that you would...

Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel Solutions

Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and Solutions Being pregnant is stressful enough. You are entering your second trimester. You feel naturally anxious and even a little scared. You’re busy preparing for the day you will hold the baby growing inside you in your arms....

Carpal Tunnel Braces

Carpal Tunnel Braces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a disease that causes excruciating painful compressions of a major nerve in the sufferer’s hands and fingers. The pain passes over the carpal bones and through a passage in the wrists alongside the flexor tendons. For...

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Alternatives

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Alternatives Carpal Tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common of the entrapment neuropathies. Surgical decompression has most commonly been thought to be the only solution for carpal tunnel syndrome. There are some carpal tunnel surgery...

Carpal Tunnel In the Corporate Workplace

Carpal Tunnel In the Corporate Workplace Carpal Tunnel results from repetitive motion, like grasping tools, scanning groceries, and typing. CTS affect about 8 million Americans each year and many of these cases occur in the workplace. Carpal tunnel is the most common...

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