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The CarpalAID Blog

CarpalAID is a one-of-a-kind medical device that relieves painful carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms without drugs, braces or surgery. It is a unique carpal tunnel solution for those with hand pain. Beginning July 21 CarpalAID will be available at a Rite Aid near you.

CarpalAID, carpal tunnel solutionCarpalAID is a clear hand patch that releases pressure on the median nerve and quickly alleviates hand pain. Those who have used CarpalAID have reported pain disappearing in as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affects more than 8 million people worldwide a year. Nearly 5 million of CTS sufferers are U.S. workers. Women ages 45 to 64 are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome at double the rate of men.

Work or hobbies that involve repetitive use of the hand and wrist often induces carpal tunnel syndrome. Office workers, cooks, painters, contractors, dentists, hair stylists, truck drivers, weightlifters, and even gamers are affected by CTS. CTS also strikes pregnant women and diabetics.

Until now, common treatments for CTS have been painful surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids, or uncomfortable hand braces or gloves.

With CarpalAID, carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers can avoid surgery, drugs and ugly hand braces.

CarpalAID inventor Joseph Nazari, a longtime engineer, suffers from CTS on both hands. After surgery on one hand, he looked for another way to relieve the dreadful pain. He tested several methods, including gluing a piece of cardboard to his hand and pulling on it. The results were remarkable. The test immediately released pressure on the median nerve in his hand — and the pain was gone. After more testing, Nazari developed the final product — CarpalAID.

“I used the prototype every night or every other night and pretty soon I didn’t have the problem,” Nazari said. “Today, two years later, I use the actual CarpalAID patch maybe once or twice a month.”

CarpalAID is made in the U.S. and is registered with the FDA. Clinical trials of CarpalAID have resulted impressive 70% positive outcomes.

In addition to Rite Aid, CarpalAID will soon be available at other pharmacies nationwide.

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