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CarpalAID® has helped improve their lives by relieving their hand pain.

These are real people, with real stories, and they allowed us to talk to them because of the positive experiences they had with CarpalAID®.

The first person we spoke to is Beth Thacker.

When we talked to Beth about a month ago, she said she had been working on the assembly line at the auto manufacturing company where she has been working seven days a week since February. Beth was sure she’d be working this grueling schedule until the end of the year.

We met Beth on Facebook when she commented on CarpalAID®. Here’s our conversation:

Beth, who has worked in the auto production industry for the past twenty-odd years behind the desk and now on the production line, developed carpal tunnel syndrome early in her career.

For her work, she feeds metal pieces to a robotic welder, programs the computer to do the welding, unloads the finished part, and packs it into a bin, all of which is repetitive movement. Repetitive movement is one activity that causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s not just assembly-line work that can cause carpal tunnel, but those who work in offices (typing), in construction, transportation, and those who do installation and repairs can get CTS. Even dentists, hairstylists, and tattoo artists can suffer from carpal tunnel. Women get carpal tunnel syndrome at three times the rate of men, perhaps because the carpal tunnel is smaller in women than men.

Overall, carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for  32.5% of repetitive motion injuries in the workplace.

When Beth started getting hand pain, her doctor told her she had a vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B consumption is believed to help carpal tunnel pain in conjunction with other therapies or methods to treat the condition.

However, Beth said, “I started taking B6, and didn’t see a big difference.”

Beth started wearing hand braces with a metal plate, but she found them uncomfortable to wear, especially at night while sleeping, and at work.

“It didn’t help at all; you can’t bend your hand, making the job hard,” she explained. “Finally, I ditched those.”

She tried various other methods, including anti-inflammatories prescribed by a doctor. But after four years of taking those and “not seeing much of a difference,” she decided to stop taking the medication.

Beth continued for several years living with the carpal tunnel pain as best she could, until one day while she was redoing the floors in her house, kneeling, and getting up and down when “all of a sudden I could not move,” she said. “Every joint was aching. I had to go back to the doctor.”

Beth was diagnosed not just with carpal tunnel but also osteoarthritis and lupus. Osteoarthritis can also cause carpal tunnel syndrome. For her carpal tunnel, she decided to try another product, a wrist device with an adhesive that stretched across her hands.

“It helped somewhat,” she said, “but one hundred dollars per month, per hand [was too expensive.]”

She never bought the product again.

Beth’s options for treatment had run out, “Surgery is a No-No.,” she said. “Too many people have had it, and it comes back if you go back to doing what you did.”

Then she saw the Facebook post for CarpalAID®.

“The minute I put on the patch, the tingling and the numbness went away,” she said, and “it was a whole lot more affordable.”

“I’ve been sleeping in these for a while, overnight for most nights. When I didn’t wear them, I would wake up with my hands hurting and burning, and then I would get up and put them on.”

“I’m able to use my hands without being numb,” she said. “Before, I would work from 6 a.m to 10 a.m. with dead hands, and I would have to stop and shake them. Now, I don’t have that problem.”

“It’s given me immediate relief, unlike everything else.”

We hope you enjoyed Beth’s story. If you or someone you know suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, and would like to tell us your story, please send us an email with the subject line: CarpalAID® Customer Stories.

CarpalAID® is also available online at Amazon.


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