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How Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain Affects Construction Workers

Construction Workers. They work hard every day. Building, fixing and helping others.

If you’re a construction worker who loves your job and what you do, having carpal tunnel can turn a normal day of work that you would usually enjoy into a nightmare that you can’t stand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain is caused by pressure on the median nerve, which runs from the upper arm down through the carpal tunnel in the wrist into the palm.

Construction and similar work that involves using heavy equipment and the use of vibrating tools is known to be one cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tingling, numbness and pain in the hand and wrist are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some people find it impossible to maintain a grip on items. Picking up small objects may be difficult.

In worst cases, the muscles at the base of the thumb can waste away, making it difficult to work for those who do manual tasks.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are variou treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, but no known cure.

The most common attempt at relieving hand or wrist pain is using wrist braces. However, this only immobilizes the wrist and hand. Braces do not neccessarily lessen carpal tunnel pain. And if they do, once the brace comes off, the pain is back.

Steroids and NSAIDS (non-sterodial, anti-inflammatories), such as ibuprofren or apsirin, are sometimes prescribed. However, many people cannot take medication or use steroids.

Surgery is an extreme option to relieve carpal tunnel hand pain. The downsides to it may outweigh any benefits. Surgery is costly, painful, and in some cases the pain returns.

Holistic Hand Pain Relief

There are several holistic, non-medicated options for relieving carpal tunnel hand and wrist pain. These methods work to varying degrees.


A study affiliated with the Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine University found that acupuncture, combined with proper ergonomic practices, relieved some carpal tunnel symptoms.

The study found that treatment with acupuncture relieved some pain and restored feeling and function in the wrist.

However, participants also avoided prolonged repetivite arm movement and also did wrist strengthening exercises.


Massage along with trigger-point therapy has also been found to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms. Trigger-point therapy is the practice of pressing on tight areas within certain muscles that release pain and tension in another area of the body.

Cold and Hot Therapy

Icing your affected wrist and hand for 10 to 15 minutes every hour can also temporarily relieve the pain.

Alternatively, soaking the affected limb in warm water and gently flexing and extending your hand and wrist can help relieve symptoms. 

Try CarpalAID®

CarpalAID® is a small hand patch that has no medication or drugs of any kind. A small adhesive strip of medical grade glue holds the patch on the palm.

carpal tunnel relief

The concave structure of the patch, along with the strip of adhesive, gently lifts the soft hand tissue off the median nerve, therefore reiieving your hand pain.

It’s also inexpensive and guaranteed to work, unlike the pesky surgery that has no certainty of recovery.

With CarpalAID® you can be back at it pain-free in no time. And don’t worry about the size of your hand, because CarpalAID® comes in all sizes.

People with carpal tunnel who have used CarpalAID® say they feel better and are ready to go within 30 minutes of applying CarpalAID®.

Construction workers no longer need to worry about working with uncomfortable braces or having to take time off work. Bulky braces that get in the way of work are replaced with the convenient size of CarpalAID®.

Try CarpalAID® to Relieve Your Hand Pain Today

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