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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a disease that causes excruciating painful compressions of a major nerve in the sufferer’s hands and fingers. The pain passes over the carpal bones and through a passage in the wrists alongside the flexor tendons. For many sufferers of this painful disease, they often feel a pinched or compressed feeling in their hands, fingers, and/or wrists, which results in the numbness, tingling, weakness or pain of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome patients often are prescribed to wear bulky carpal tunnel braces which usually helps with the pain.

For most carpal tunnel sufferers, surgery is the only option to relieve the extreme pain carpal tunnel causes them. However, surgery cast are expensive and a lot of sufferers they can’t afford to pay for it, and, as a result they resort to bulky, ugly looking braces. Carpel Tunnel release surgery can cost up to a whopping $5,354 plus $408 for the anesthetics to cover the 45-minute surgery. But there’s an even worse downside to this expensive procedure. Recovery isn’t always guaranteed for patients who have this surgery. On top of that, the surgery and recovery can be even more painful than the disease itself. Is there an alternative? Well look no further because there is! It’s called CarpalAID.

carpal tunnel bracesCarpalAID is a great alternative solution to dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike most products, CarpalAID isn’t bulky and is barely noticeable because of its small convenient size. It is small and easy to use and is more like a patch rather than a brace. In just three easy steps, this product is ready to use at anytime, anywhere. Once CarpalAID is on it goes to work almost instantly to relieve the painful pressure of the median nerve.


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