The CarpalAID® Story

CarpalAID® Joseph Desinger

The Inventor of the Revolutionary Product that
Relieves Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain

My personal mission is to help people to avoid surgery by using CarpalAID®.

This process all started with my surgery. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands, so my doctor recommended the surgery.

The very next day, I was thinking about a practical way of making this work. After a bit of thinking and trial and error, I came up with this idea to use a particular type of plastic with "memory.” I made it kind of concave and applied a medical grade adhesive.

I tried more than 30 types of adhesive and then I hit pay dirt—I found the one that works best. It’s a 3M specialty medical grade tape that really sticks.

I used this “prototype” every night, or every other night, and pretty soon I didn’t have any hand pain. Today, two years later, I use the actual product — the CarpalAID® patch — maybe once or twice a month. It sure beats surgery.

I used this “prototype” every night or every other night and pretty soon I didn’t have any hand pain

Because of my engineering background, I wanted to find a scientific reason why this works so well. I met a doctor who is the chief hand surgeon at one of the largest medical institutes in Southern California.

He did an MRI both before and after the CarpalAID®’s use and was amazed by the results—lifting the soft tissue three millimeters and releasing the pressure on the median nerve.

I decided to have a clinical test done by an independent organization and WOW the results were amazing. More than 70 percent of the people in the trial had the same results as I did —  the hand pain was gone.

As you may know, if more than 50 percent of people in a clinical test has a positive result, the product is a major hit.

My personal mission is to help people to avoid surgery by using CarpalAID®.

In my opinion, as well as several others who have tried CarpalAID®, it is the only product on the market today that works directly to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome hand pain.